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Breakthroughs in Patient Engagement and Behavior Change

Reducing Hospital Readmissions and Promoting Prevention of Cardiovascular Events

Published by FierceMarkets

Readmissions is a common — and costly — issue for healthcare. Patients who suffer from cardiovascular events are at high risk for winding up back in the hospital in less than a month. Though heart failure is one of the most preventable readmission causes, unless patients follow a treatment plan and communicate when there’s a problem, they're much more likely to be readmitted.

This whitepaper outlines the solutions to this patient engagement challenge.

Engaging Medically Underserved Patients

Using Technology and Psychographic Segmentation to Help Address the Needs of Medically Underserved Populations

On the path to transforming healthcare in America, some of the biggest challenges ahead lie in bridging gaps in care for medically underserved populations. A physician workforce study sponsored by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) projects a “significant shortage” of primary care physicians, as well as medical and surgical specialists, in the coming decade.

The physician shortage, however, represents just one facet of the complex problem of medically underserved populations. This whitepaper delves deeper into contributing factors and possible approaches for overcoming barriers to care.