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Urgent Care Marketing Strategies

Urgent Care Marketing Strategies

In order to help people, urgent care clinics need to operate well as a business, and you could be missing out on many potential patients if your urgent care marketing strategies are weak. 

PatientBond works alongside you and your healthcare center to increase engagement, improve loyalty, foster patient satisfaction, and grow your business. We leverage multiple digital marketing elements with our expert research on healthcare consumers to optimize your business to its full potential.


1. Determine Your Urgent Care Marketing Strategy

Define Patient Targeting

Begin by identifying the target audience that will deliver the most business in the coming year. All Urgent Care marketing tactics should be designed around that target. You can apply consumer science to segment your patient population by shared characteristics to understand which patient type to target and how to reach them. The PatientBond Psychographic model segments patient types into 5 categories based on their healthcare "personality" and motivations. Hint: The Willful Endurer patient type is 7 times more likely to visit your Urgent Care Clinic frequently. So it's critical that you know how to target them.

Determine Messaging

Do you know what messaging resonates best with the patient targets you've chosen? What are the most important services sought by this target audience that you need to focus on in your marketing? The PatientBond Insights Accelerator can provide direction based on numerous surveys and data analyses. Or which patient type is much more likely to want an on-site lab from your Urgent Care Clinic. 


2. Define and Execute on Marketing Channels and Tactics

Once your target audience and messaging is defined, use the following tactics to execute more effectively in marketing your Urgent Care Clinics. 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Urgent Care Digital Marketing

Around 7% of Google’s daily searches are related to healthcare. More often than not, patients perform multiple searches online before scheduling a healthcare appointment. 

These searches include finding nearby locations and well-rated practices, making it pivotal for urgent care clinics to have an online presence. Ideally, you want to be at the top of the list of Google results to increase your visibility to patients. 

SEO best practices are constantly changing, so having access to a marketing expert in your field is a huge advantage. Some key SEO elements include: 

  • Quality content
  • Keywords
  • Meta-descriptions
  • Internal and inbound links
  • Title-tags/meta-titles
Discover how PatientBond’s psychographic segmentation techniques can impact your SEO strategy.

Manage Social Media and Geotargeting

Geotargeting involves catering specific content on social media and advertisements to people based on their location. 

This is an essential strategy for urgent care clinics in particular because of how relevant location is for urgent care patients. You wouldn’t want people in New York seeing an ad for your urgent care if you didn’t have a location in that state. 

Additionally, sending ads to people for urgent care locations in their neighborhood will place your company at the forefront of their minds if a need for urgent care arises. 

Download our whitepaper on how psychographic segmentation has a practical impact on patient engagement.

Utilize Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC advertising is very beneficial to the urgent care industry. Patients looking for urgent care information are likely to take quick action because of how time-sensitive their needs are. 

Unlike in other industries, clicking on an ad and calling for more information or booking an appointment usually happens within minutes. 

Due to the nature of the urgent care industry and what patients are looking for with these ads, the approach may look different from other PPC ads. It is essential to: 

  • Provide convenience.
  • Thoroughly answer all frequently asked questions and provide all the important information in the ad.
  • Use buttons in your ad that allow patients to quickly call or be immediately directed to an appointment scheduling site. 
  • Use target keywords patients are likely to search and be mindful of seasonal changes to search trends (e.g., reference the flu in your ad during flu season).
Refine your marketing budget by using the PatientBond Urgent Care CashFlow ROI Calculator.

Improve the Patient Experience with Automation

Staying competitive in the health care industry requires adaptation, and automation is an essential option. 

Automation can improve the patient experience by making it easier and more convenient for patients to interact with your urgent care clinic. It can also make your staff’s life easier by handling appointment reminders and reducing patient no-shows. 

PatientBond enables you to utilize automation to save money and time while improving patient satisfaction.

Here are some ways you can use automation for your practice: 

Request a demo to see how Patient Engagement can be personalized and automated.

Maintain and Manage Your Online Reputation

Managing a reputation as a good healthcare provider is the key to staying in business. 

In a world where 71% of patients surveyed used online reviews as their first step in finding a new doctor, having good reviews and responsible responses to negative ones is important to establishing trust. 

PatientBond helps by: 

  • Collecting patient feedback through different forums
  • Customizing surveys to get useful and actionable information 
  • Intercepting poor feedback and alerting staff to allow for follow-ups that improve the patient’s experience
  • Tracking follow-ups and online reviews 
  • Inviting patients with a positive visit to post a review online

Learn more about how PatientBond manages your online reputation and boosts your reviews.

Organize Email Campaigns for Urgent Care Clinic Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool and a worthwhile investment. Different campaigns can achieve a variety of goals like: 

  • Traffic generation
  • Education
  • Revenue generation
  • Lead nurturing

This is a great opportunity to reach out to previous patients and keep you at the top of their go-to urgent care clinics list. Discover how PatientBond uses personalized emails, texts, interactive voice response, and in-app communication to reach patients.

Work with PatientBond

PatientBond’s marketing strategy offers proven results for urgent care centers, and your business could be the next to experience this type of success. 

Our healthcare-specific market research allows you to become more effective with your urgent care digital marketing and create long-lasting relationships with your patients. 

Request a demo from PatientBond today! 

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