Patient Relationship Platform

Due to the acute and episodic nature of care provided by Urgent Care Centers, these practices do not typically enjoy the luxury of building relationships by managing care and wellness for patients over a long period of time. To enhance the patient experience outside the physical clinical environment, it is critical to engage patients through timely, relevant and personalized communications… and to do so consistently and effectively across all locations.

Highlights include:

  • Direct integration with your EMR/EHR/Practice Management System
  • No staff training required, we are an automated solution and managed service
  • Content and workflow is completely customizable to your needs
  • Communications are branded for your urgent care clinic(s)

Click here for an overview of PatientBond’s capabilities as an All-In-One patient engagement platform for Urgent Care Centers.  Our Urgent Care clients have experienced the following results using the PatientBond platform

Post-Visit Follow Up

PatientBond’s automated follow up communications (email, text, Interactive Voice Response) nurture the patient relationship and allow staff to be notified when an exception to recovery occurs.

  • 55% - 60% patient response rates for post-visit follow up
  • Automation results in consistent and effective visit follow-up: 
    • 57% patient response rate versus 18% response from manual follow-up
    • 90% of these respondents required no human intervention
  • Real-time alerts to any issues that require immediate attention
  • Differentiate your center from competitors with multiple “care touch points”
  • Monthly cost savings for each of your locations: 
    $2,500/month/location based on nurse time savings for patient follow up calls

Marketing Your Urgent Care Clinics

Drive revenue and build your brand beyond a single episode of care using the PatientBond platform. Acquire new patients and market additional services to existing patients using our automated solutions. Our Urgent Care clients use PatientBond to distribute digital marketing and create awareness for their centers.

  • Increased top line revenue by making patients aware of service offerings that are relevant at a point in time where they would be top of mind for patients (e.g., back-to-school physicals)
  • Improves patient satisfaction with 30% increase in Net Promoter Scores (NPS)
  • Average likely to recommend score for participating Urgent Care Clinics of 4.7 out of 5
  • Increased effectiveness and significant cost savings over direct mailings

Click here to see many of the ways PatientBond can power your Urgent Care clinic’s marketing efforts

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Fine-tune your operations team using patient feedback and get valuable insights into your marketing, reputation management and community outreach.

  • Surveys are sent using text and email in an easy-to-fill format, increasing user response rates
  • Get real-time feedback from your patients; valuable tool for evaluating provider and staff performance
  • Acquire new patients by identifying your top referral sources and directing your marketing spend
  • 30% increase in Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and average “likely to recommend” score of 4.7 out of 5
  • Use survey feedback and Net Promoter data in your marketing
  • Patients will have the ability to post directly to social media from the survey (upcoming release)

Revenue Cycle Management: Payment Reminders

Payment reminders provide effective notice for those with unpaid bills. PatientBond’s timed communications start with subtle messaging and progress to promote payment.

  • 2X increase in monthly collections
  • 73% of all online payment transactions occurred within 48 hours of PatientBond communications
  • 70% of all dollars collected online occurred within 48 hours of a PatientBond payment reminder
  • Reduces statement and mailing costs by using text, email, and interactive automated calling
  • Use your online bill pay portal or we can set one up for you

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