Informing Your Strategies with Consumer Insights

In a healthcare marketplace increasingly driven by consumerism, it is critical for providers to keep their fingers on the pulse of consumer perceptions, needs and behaviors.  Strategies and tactics developed without consumer insights may fall short in driving desired results.

Unfortunately, market research can be expensive and require long lead times for development and execution.  Companies pursuing research also often rely on research vendors who make high margins and dictate the timing of survey fielding.

PatientBond allows you to send surveys to any number of people for whom you have contact information, and at any frequency you choose.  Surveys re easy to develop and execute internally, so you do not need to rely on a third party to get the insights you need to succeed.

Intuitive Survey Interface

PatientBond allows you to build surveys easily and efficiently.  Its interface is intuitive and designed with business people and busy healthcare professionals in mind.


PatientBond can handle a high volume of surveys and is flexible enough to execute a multitude of surveys targeting patients, caregivers, providers and anyone else for whom you have contact information.

Results & Benefits

High Response Rate

  • 85% patient response rate to 9 waves of surveys incorporated into a hospital discharge program
  • 55% - 60% patient response rates across PatientBond communications

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