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Psychographic Segmentation

Targeted engagement aligned to personal traits and motivations that drive patient behaviors

Psychographics: The Key to Motivating Healthcare Consumer Behaviors

PatientBond uses psychographic insights to create personalized messaging that will appeal to healthcare consumers based on their psychographic profiles. There are five psychographic segments, each with a unique set of motivations and communication preferences requiring a different engagement strategy. Only PatientBond uses a proven psychographic segmentation model to personalize communications, achieving unrivaled business and clinical results for our clients.

Psychographic Classifier:
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Self Achievers

19% | Goals and Measures
Self Achievers are the most proactive when it comes to their wellness, investing what is necessary for their health and appearance. They stay on top of health issues with regular medical check-ups, screenings, and research. Motivated by goals and achievement, Self Achievers will tackle a challenge if they are given progress measures.
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Balance Seekers

17% | Choices, Context, Candor
Balance Seekers are generally proactive in their health and are wellness-oriented. They are open to many ideas, sources of information and treatment options when it comes to their healthcare. Balance Seekers themselves – not healthcare professionals – define what success looks like in their health. Having choices is very important for these types.
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Priority Jugglers

18% | Family & Duty
Priority Jugglers are very busy with many responsibilities. Because of these commitments, they may invest in their own wellbeing and are reactive when it comes to their own, personal health issues. However, Priority Jugglers are very proactive when it comes to their family’s health and will make sure their loved ones receive the care they need.
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Direction Takers

15% | Specific & Directive
Direction Takers believe their physician is the most credible resource for their healthcare needs. They look to healthcare professionals for direction and guidance because of their credentials. However, Direction Takers may not always follow advice, not because they disagree, but because they have trouble incorporating them into their daily routine.
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Willful Endurers

31% | Living for Today
Willful Endurers live in the “here and now” and believe there are more important things to focus on than their health. They are not necessarily unhealthy, but they do what they like, when they like, and have a difficult time changing habits. They are self-reliant and can withstand anything life throws at them, going to the doctor only when they must.
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