Helping Patients Complete Their Course of Care

Despite the extensive benefits realized by their patients, Physical Therapy clinics are challenged to keep their patients returning and completing their course of care.

According to Strive Labs, Inc., only 30% of patients that utilize outpatient physical therapy services attend all of the visits that their insurance company authorizes per course of care.  Consequently, the average outpatient physical therapy clinic misses out on approximately $250,000 of revenue per year due to patients not fully completing their course of care.

Physical Therapy clinics need a solution that can efficiently and effectively influence patients to keep all their appointments and follow through on behaviors that help them recover and heal.

Appointment Completion

PatientBond’s automated follow up communications (email, text, Interactive Voice Response) are optimized as treatment progresses, with the nature and tone of messaging reinforcing the importance and necessity of attending each appointment.  Whether therapy is prescribed or elective, PatientBond adjusts its messaging accordingly.

Exercise & Care Between Appointments

PatientBond can send educational content, instructions and reminders in between appointments to support patients’ recovery and help ensure they progress while away from the clinic.  Improved patient outcomes leads to higher satisfaction and enhanced clinic reputation.

Results & Benefits

Increased Client Completion of Therapy

  • 25% increase in treatment completion for prescribed and elective therapies
  • 13% reduction in missed appointments for PT clinics (revenue recapture of more than $10,000 per month)
  • 22% reduction in missed appointments at a health system focused on challenging Medicaid, Hispanic, rural and underserved populations

Client Engagement

  • Communications personalized with psychographic insights appeal to individual patient motivations
  • 85% patient response to outbound communications during a therapy care plan

Resource Efficiencies

  • $3,000/month cost reduction per location in manual labor for outbound calls

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