Extend Your Care Beyond the Hospital

Managing patient recovery and medical service needs across an entire patient population is challenging at best, and can be largely inefficient.  Leveraging PatientBond’s automated communications (emails, text messages, Interactive Voice Response), personalized with psychographic insights, to engage patients once they leave the hospital helps ensure recovery and better outcomes.

Reduce Readmissions

PatientBond’s automated pre-admission and post-discharge communications provide the right information to the right patients with the right messaging and format to significantly reduce the likelihood of readmission

  • >90% reduction in readmissions for a form of spinal surgery at a world-renowned New England hospital system
  • >90% reduction in readmissions for Congestive Heart Failure at one of the largest nonprofit hospital systems in the U.S.
  • Discharge management applications include AMI, CABG, CHF, COPD, Hip/Knee, Oncology, Pneumonia, Neurology, Spine and Stroke, but PatientBond can develop others per client request
  • 75% reduction in nurse FTEs dedicated to patient follow-up during the 30 day process
  • >30:1 Return on Investment

Reduce Missed Appointments, Close Care Gaps

Patients receive personalized follow-up and appointment reminders and opportunities to connect with clinical staff when necessary.  For a major health system focused on Medicaid, Hispanic and rural populations:

  • 22% reduction in missed appointment
  • $70,000/month revenue recapture
  • 18% increased compliance in requisite screenings to close care gaps

Recovery Tracking

A dashboard tracks patient responses to communications, which solicit feedback throughout their recovery.  Clinical staff follow up when patients indicate there are issues to recovery.

  • 85% patient response to automated communications
  • Communications personalized with psychographic insights to appeal to individual patient motivations

Extending Care Beyond the Hospital

PatientBond sends patients follow-up information and educational content customized with psychographic messaging and at an optimal cadence to enhance comprehension, acceptance and activation.  Moreover, PatientBond communications include embedded response mechanisms to facilitate two-way communication and maintain a connection between clinicians and patients.

  • Monitor patient behaviors and adherence with embedded patient responses and adjust care accordingly
  • PatientBond can use the healthcare organization’s approved educational content or access third party content with client approval.  PatientBond is not a clinical content provider but can reposition such content to resonate more strongly with patients

Marketing and Reputation Management

PatientBond enables ongoing connection and engagement with patients, long after they have left your hospital.  This allows you to manage patient relationships and drive awareness of your other services from which patients may benefit.  PatientBond’s survey capability also allows you to gain valuable insights to improve patients’ experience.

  • Acquire new patients and strengthen patient loyalty through consistent outreach and brand reinforcement
  • Improve Net Promoter Score (NPS) and “likelihood to recommend”
  • Cost effective and efficient relative to other forms of outreach (e.g., direct mail, TV/radio)
  • Patients will have the ability to post directly to social media from the survey (upcoming release)


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