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PatientBond Grows Your Business!

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What we do

An intuitive, easy-to-use, online dashboard (The Marketing Insights App) empowers you to achieve unrivaled results with data-backed marketing for hospitals, strategies and campaigns

Increase patient volume, loyalty and revenue
  • 3X increase in primary care appointments
  • 43% reduction in appointment no-shows
  • 40% increase in patient loyalty
Strengthen overall hospital and service line marketing
  • 10X increase in screenings
  • 7.5X increase in telehealth registrations
  • 30% increase in diabetes appointments
Hyper-target health consumers in any population
  • Heatmap any population or geography by patient type to deliver the most effective marketing campaigns

Don’t just take our word for it – Kevin O’Leary aka Mr. Wonderful has something to say about PatientBond Psychographics


Significantly improve marketing measures

  • Up to 6X increase in digital marketing click-through and behavior activation
  • Boost social media and 5 Star ratings

How we do it

Psychographics pertain to consumers’ attitudes, values and personalities, which are core to their motivations and communication preferences.PatientBond uses a proprietary Psychographic Hospital Market Segmentation model proven to influence health consumer decisions and behaviors. This model was developed by ex-P&G Healthcare executives who also helped other industry leaders like Walgreens, CVS and Walmart with psychographic marketing for hospitals and health systems.

PatientBond Psychographics Are the Industry Standard


Five distinct psychographic hospital market segmentations approach health and wellness differently and require specific engagement strategies to activate behaviors


PatientBond’s psychographic model has been consistent and stable since 2013, evolved from models developed at P&G perfected over 20 years


PatientBond conducts ongoing market research to gain insights on the ever-changing healthcare environment


PatientBond pre-segmented the entire U.S. population age 18+ and has a 1 minute survey that determines an individual’s segment with 91.1% accuracy

Want to learn more about the PatientBond Psychographic Segmentation model? Download the definitive whitepaper on psychographics in healthcare

Download Whitepaper

The PatientBond Insights AcceleratorTM

The PatientBond Insights AcceleratorTM gives you the psychographic power of the world’s leading marketing organizations easily and in a matter of minutes with an easy-to-use online dashboard.


Instant access to extensive market research data on health consumer attitudes and behaviors in the era of COVID-19. This also includes media/channel preferences and decision influence sources.


You can analyze the data by psychographics, demographics, socioeconomics, health condition, insurance coverage and many more variables to create hyper-targeted campaigns.

Have valuable insights at your fingertips:

  • Factors considered when choosing a hospital
  • Top reasons patients switch hospitals
  • Information sources influencing hospital choice
  • Top services desired from a hospital
  • How COVID affects patients’ future approach to healthcare
  • Who prefers telemedicine to an in-office visit
  • Preferred methods of provider engagement
  • …plus many more
  • Desired frequency of communications

Psychographic Segment Heat Maps

of any geography to locate and hyper-target health consumers with high levels of confidence and accuracy

Psychographic Segment Codebook

Insights, tips and data to help you operationalize psychographics, influence health consumers’ decisions and behaviors and create winning marketing campaigns.


We Want to Work With You!

  • No need to change: Keep using your current CRM investment and marketing tools
  • No hassles: Easy to work with, quick results

Contact us to discuss turbocharging your healthcare consumer marketing!


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Download Case Study
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