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The only personalized Patient Engagement Platform that motivates

PatientBond is the only digital patient engagement platform that leverages consumer science and psychographics to motivate and activate patient behaviors.

How PatientBond Improves Market OutcomesTM


Up to 90% reduction in 30-day hospital readmission rates

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500% improvement in response rates for breast and cervical cancer screening

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400% increase in patient payments

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10% increase in duration of therapy

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The PatientBond patient engagement platform leverages healthcare psychographic segmentation and machine learning to target interactions based on the personal motivations and channel preferences that drive patient behaviors, delivering truly personalized, multi-channel engagement with patients.

We empower you to engage patients on their own terms when they are most receptive.

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Psychographics in healthcare involve the study of people’s attitudes, values, and personalities, providing insight into patient motivations to amplify the results of engagement.

Segmenting people into five psychographic segments using these characteristics allows you to target and deliver communications that resonate more effectively, increasing the likelihood of behavior change and improved business and clinical results.

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