Increasing the Likelihood Members Stay Loyal to Their Health Insurance Company

One in five members will switch health insurance companies within the next three years.  Unfortunately, the cost of reacquiring a consumer who has left a product or service is 7-8 times that of acquiring that consumer in the first place. 

Member retention and loyalty represents a significant protection of revenue and opportunity for growth as members recommend their health insurance plans to friends and family.

PatientBond enables a health insurance company to engage its members throughout the year, reinforcing and solidifying these relationships as they head into open enrollment.

Ongoing Member Engagement

PatientBond’s automated communications (email, text, Interactive Voice Response) can keep you connected with your members throughout the year.  PatientBond can handle millions of communications with any frequency you need. 

Personalized Communications

PatientBond uses psychographic insights to personalize communications for members according to their personalities and motivations.  By appealing to members’ priorities, your messaging will appeal more strongly and increase the likelihood of connecting with your members.

Results & Benefits

Retention and Loyalty

  • PatientBond has driven high Net Promoter Scores for clients
  • Average likely to recommend score for clients 4.7 out of 5
  • Communications personalized with psychographic insights appeal to individual member motivations
  • 55% - 60% patient response rates across types of communication

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