Extending Your Care Beyond the Walls of the Practice

A chronic health condition can affect a patient’s life in many ways and lead to increased healthcare costs if not managed effectively.  While patients receive excellent care from their providers, 95% of their lives are spent outside the healthcare system.  This makes it extremely challenging to ensure that patients adopt and sustain healthy behaviors outside the practice.

Disease & Health Education

PatientBond sends patients educational content to support self-management of their health conditions as they go about their lives outside the doctor’s office.

Disease Management Tracking

PatientBond tracks patient responses to communications, which solicit feedback over the course of condition management.  Clinical staff follow up when patients indicate there are issues to address.

Appointment Follow Up

Patients receive automated follow up with personalized appointment reminders and opportunities to connect with clinical staff when necessary.

Medication Adherence

PatientBond reminds patients to take their medications appropriately and queries patient behavior with short surveys and response mechanisms for a two-way dialogue.

Chronic Care Management (CCM)

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recognize care management as one of the critical components of primary care that contributes to better health and care for individuals, as well as reduced spending. To support this objective, Medicare will pay physicians and other qualified healthcare professionals for Chronic Care Management (CCM) Services.  

This requires that clinical staff spend at least 20 minutes per patient, per calendar month, to establish, implement, revise and monitor a comprehensive care plan for patients with multiple (two or more) chronic conditions expected to last at least 12 months.

Unfortunately, many providers do not have the time, capacity and resources to achieve these requirements.  Consequently, CMS reported that, while 35 million Medicare beneficiaries were eligible to receive these billable care management services in 2015, the agency had only received reimbursement requests for only about 100,000.


PatientBond has partnered with PatientKinect to enable providers with the ability of meeting CMS’ Chronic Care Management requirements. PatientKinect is a chronic care management (CCM) service company, which provides programming, tools and care team members to physician groups and hospitals to enhance the care and medical outcomes of Medicare patients. 

The PatientBond platform tracks all activity and patient responses, allowing for audits of the time spent engaging patients.  The series of communications offered by PatientBond cost-effectively meets the 20 minute Chronic Care Management Services requirement, while using market research-based psychographic insights to better motivate patients to better health outcomes. 

Results & Benefits

Significant Revenue

  • CMS will reimburse providers $44 per eligible Medicare patient, per month, for care that meets CCM requirements

Patient Response/Connectivity

  • Practices using the PatientKinect/PatientBond CCM platform  had a 62% response rate among eligible patients on the first day  of launch

Low Effort/Resource Requirements

  • The PatientKinect/PatientBond CCM platform handles 95% of all effort related to the delivery of CCM
  • PatientKinect dedicates a care team coordinator to a participating practice to help develop and facilitate care plans for patients, monitor medication and serve as a liaison between patient and care team

Learn more about PatientBond’s partner, PatientKinect

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