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PatientBond acquired c2bsolutions in 2017

PatientBond’s Mission

Leverage Consumer Insights and Innovative Technologies to Disrupt Healthcare Engagement

Operationalizing Psychographics at Scale

The c2b solutions psychographic segmentation model and extensive healthcare consumer insights have proven to influence patient decisions and behaviors. c2b’s biggest opportunity was to scale these capabilities across large populations. This required a digital platform to personalize engagement for thousands or millions of healthcare consumers. PatientBond can uniquely handle this task.

The combination of c2b solutions and PatientBond has helped our customers achieve unrivaled results increasing market share, improving health outcomes and enhancing the amount and speed of patient payment collections.

To learn more, read the News: PatientBond Acquires c2b solutions

Where Can I Find c2b Resources?

You may have come to this page looking for a specific c2b solutions resource. Most of these assets have been integrated with PatientBond, but here are a few shortcuts to specific items:

  • Psychographic Segmentation Whitepaper

  • Psychographic Segment Classifier

  • Contact PatientBond with questions or to discuss how PatientBond can help you achieve your business or clinical goals