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Will 2021 be the Year of the Digital Health Platform?

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Last year, we predicted 2020 would be the year of telehealth, months before the technology exploded from lockdowns due to COVID-19. If anyone had doubt telehealth wasn’t as popular as experts suggested, the numbers show otherwise. From October 2019 through October 2020 show, telehealth claims skyrocketed over 3000% nationwide.

The trend isn’t going away either, though the growth rate has tempered from its initial boost. Mental health patients utilized telehealth in 2020, helping some health practices keep afloat while in-person visits were down for many types of care. It’s a model that works so well for telehealth that patients want it to stick around.

But what’s next for healthcare? All signs point to improving the patient experience through digital means using a digital health platform.

What is a Digital Health Platform?

A digital health platform takes many parts of the patient experience and houses it under one platform using HIPAA-compliant software. Patients can access everything they need to interact with their provider all on their computer or smartphone app.

In the past, patients would have to use a myriad of sources to manage their care. You paid your bill online or in-person, you called the office to ask your doctor a question (if you actually could reach the doctor) and you got information in the form of print pamphlets. At this stage in the game, that doesn’t cut it. While face-to-face interaction with healthcare providers will still be an essential part of the patient experience, it will be supplemented, enhanced and extended via digital touchpoints.

What Experts Are Saying

Experts have made it clear that healthcare consumers are in full control of what the future of digital healthcare will look like. Patient experience plays a large role with consumers expecting a personalized experience based on their health preferences according to Twilio’s Global Head of Healthcare, Susan Collins.

"The opportunity to leverage technologies like smart devices, machine learning and orchestrated omnichannel communication tools allow this sort of tailored experience to be delivered at scale for a reasonable cost, creating the opportunity for a much more proactive approach to health management as a continuum of care rather than a reactive, transactional experience that has been common in the past.”

Omar Kulkarni, CIO at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, notes that consumer preferences have only strengthened thanks to the pandemic. To pull care delivery models together digital tools like the digital health platform will be used.

PatientBond's Digital Health Platform

Digital health platforms have everything like marketing, telehealth, patient payments, patient loyalty and care automation built within the platform. But what makes PatientBond stand out is their use of psychographic segmentation.

Psychographic segmentation uses a patient’s motivations, values, beliefs and ideals to determine what their healthcare preferences are and how to market and engage with them based on those parameters. It draws the patient’s attention in your engagement efforts, but more importantly, drives them to take charge of their health, thus improving health outcomes.

But more than that, understanding these preferences helps patients take on other things like paying their bills and sharing positive experiences with your health system to accelerate market share growth and patient loyalty.

Like experts noted, patients are looking for a digital experience that’s personalized to their health preferences. Psychographic segmentation does that all within the robust PatientBond Digital Health Platform.

We’ll admit, our prediction proved to be one for the record books. But make no mistake that digital health isn’t going away and neither are the demands patients are insisting on to improving their care for years to come. It’s high time for health systems and centers to get ahead of the curve by utilizing a digital health platform.

Ready to take the next step? Contact PatientBond today to see how your health system or center can try the PatientBond Digital Health Platform.

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