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Why Digital Health Reminders Make a Difference | PatientBond

Patient holding phone at health center that says "health check-up schedule"

Reminders are so simple, yet so important. Without them, people wouldn’t arrive at meetings on time, pay their bills or reach their goals. This is especially important when it comes to healthcare in order to increase your reach among patients to facilitate better care, health outcomes and loyalty.

As hard as it is to believe, something as simple as a digital health reminder can make a huge impact on ROI. Here’s why.

Book More Appointments

It doesn’t take much effort to set up a reminder for a patient to book an appointment for a service like a flu shot, annual exam or get bloodwork done. Not every patient may be immediately willing to come in, but if the messaging is compelling enough using psychographic segmentation, it may be the encouragement they need to book an appointment.

And while a patient gets a digital reminder for one appointment, they may realize they need to go back for another type of health visit, which improves a provider’s bottom line and a patient’s health over time. Even if a fraction of patients did this, it would make a difference.

Build Patient Loyalty

Patients want to go to a provider they trust and with whom they are familiar, so if they get health reminders from their personal doctor, they’re more likely to seek consistent care versus from another health organization.

This is great for providers because it gives them somewhat of an advantage for current patients, but the engagement process shouldn’t be all one-sided. It’s better if it’s all-encompassing on one platform like a digital health platform, allowing patients to message their provider, pay their bills, receive alerts on test results, schedule appointments and more.

Creating Patient Engagement Opportunities

Healthcare providers are always looking for ways to engage with their patients. A digital reminder is a simple way to do that if a provider hasn’t already started it. It’s easy to implement, requires little effort to do regularly and with the help of a tool like the PatientBond Insights Accelerator™, it can leverage healthcare consumer insights to pull in patients who haven’t engaged in a while.

Providers can quickly pull insights on what motivates their patients to act on their health and send communications to them based on their psychographic profile. Providers can craft the perfect messaging, send the message on the patient’s preferred platform and send it at their preferred time so that the message strongly resonates with patients and they are motivated to continue their engagement with you.

Any provider can send digital health reminders, but to get the message across, providers need the right data, intel and tools on their side. Learn more about how PatientBond can help with the PatientBond Insights Accelerator™

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