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What Is C2B?

consumer-to-businessIn the alphabet soup of business models (B2B, B2C, XYZ), Business News Daily sought to shed some light on C2B, or Consumer-to-Business, specifically. In her January 2, 2015 article, Katherine Arline nicely summed up this relatively new business approach:

“The C2B (consumer-to-business) model allows businesses to extract value from consumers — and vice versa.” 

This is quite distinct from a “build it and they will come” mentality; C2B relies on consumer involvement in defining opportunities and solutions and letting consumers have a say in product or service development.

Some C2B examples may include direct involvement with consumers, who are actively engaged throughout the product/service development and deployment processes. However, it can also be as “simple” as relying on consumer insights when developing product concepts or marketing messages. 

Simple is a relative word… the mechanisms for acquiring good consumer insights are fairly straightforward, but it does take investment in consumer data and market research, as well as a commitment to a consumer-centric approach. 

Business News Daily Interviews c2b solutions

As Ms. Arline was writing her excellent article on C2B, she reached out to c2b solutions for our perspective on this business model. After all, we believe in this approach so strongly, we made it part of our name! As health care evolves into a consumer-driven marketplace, c2b solutions seeks to help health care organizations adapt and thrive using the techniques of the world’s most successful consumer products and retail companies.

I grew up in marketing at P&G, where our mantra, coined by CEO A.G. Lafley, was “the Consumer is Boss.” We conducted extensive market research and let consumer insights drive our strategies and advertising. This enables P&G to sell premium products in highly competitive categories. In the Health Care division, we used these same methods to develop more effective patient engagement programs.

This upbringing was the basis for c2b solutions, which we launched in the Fall of 2012 to bring the power of consumer insights to health care.

The Time Is Now Right For C2B

The mechanisms for efficient, effective and individual consumer engagement are now available. Digital media have opened the doors to C2B opportunities that were not possible in the past. As Ms. Arline writes:

“The C2B model has flourished in the Internet age because of ready access to consumers who are "plugged in" to brands. Where the business relationship was once strictly one-directional, with companies pushing services and goods to consumers, the new bi-directional network has allowed consumers to become their own businesses.

Decreases in the cost of technologies such as video cameras, high-quality printers and Web development services give consumers access to tools for promotion and communication that were once limited to large companies. As a result, both consumers and businesses can benefit from the C2B model.”

c2b solutions brings a consumer voice to health care organizations’ strategies, initiatives and marketing through its extensive market research and marketing expertise. Request more information from c2b solutions today.

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