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What Drives Loyalty in Healthcare

What Drives Loyalty in Healthcare

For any company, the goal is to provide consistent, positive experiences to customers so that they keep coming back. When a company does that well enough, they generate a following that builds loyalty.

At PatientBond, our goal is to provide that type of consistent, positive experience for patients in all types of healthcare settings using a segmentation model called psychographic segmentation. This model looks at what motivates a patient to act on their health needs (beliefs, values, etc.) and generates a patient engagement funnel that individualizes their cycle.

This process plays a large role in patient loyalty, but what else plays a role? Here’s what we’ve noticed.


Patients can see right through a provider that isn’t honest with them on their health, especially the psychographic segment known as Balance Seekers. It might seem harmless to dance around a sensitive subject, but that doesn’t benefit the patient in any way. If anything, it negatively impacts the reputation of the doctor.

Transparency is more than just being honest about a prognosis. It’s part of the entire patient relations process, from how patients can contact a practice to what they can expect to pay on a procedure before getting it. The sooner a provider is upfront about what a patient can expect from their experience with them, the better. Honesty and openness go a long way in today’s society.

Simplified Patient Engagement

The world is a busy place and people are always looking for ways to save time. But when it comes to consumers, they expect a service that automatically provides that value. No exceptions, even when it comes to healthcare.

A patient management tool like a digital health platform makes that a lot easier. Everything the patient needs for their healthcare journey is all in one platform, and automation can drive significant cost savings and staff hours. Better yet, PatientBond’s platform already has psychographics implemented within it, making it even easier to engage with patients on their terms based on their preferences.


Nothing is worse than talking to a person and feeling like they aren’t listening. Unfortunately, it’s not hard for some patients to imagine this feeling when interacting with their health provider. That’s a quick way to lose a patient.

How can providers avoid this? For starters, they can listen without distractions. The best listeners keep eye contact, avoid interruption and when they do respond, they speak thoughtfully with empathy, even if it isn’t in person. No matter what role a person has, they should always embody these values, including doctors and janitors. When a patient gets the idea that everyone at the provider treats patients this way, that makes a powerful impact.

Another way to better understand patients is through data. Providers can pull healthcare consumer insights with ease using the PatientBond Insights Accelerator™. From psychographic to COVID-19 insights, the opportunities to better connect with patients are endless.

These qualities are integral to any healthcare organization that wants to build loyalty, but tools like the PatientBond Insights Accelerator™ keep them around. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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