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The Top 5 Reasons Why Hospitals Should Optimize Patient Engagement

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Let’s face it: the typical hospital experience isn’t that personalized. It’s safe to say healthcare consumers likely have a better engagement with retail apps, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Patients are eager to use digital engagement tools to improve the patient engagement experience and now that more tools are out there, like the PatientBond platform and the PatientBond Insights Accelerator™. Here are some other reasons why hospital marketing efforts should move in this direction.

Increase in Competition

Competition among hospitals continues to increase, so the last thing any provider should do is stay comfortable. A recent survey found that most healthcare executives think that a digital strategy is important, but under half don’t have one.

When patients have options to choose from, especially from providers that have their digital strategy set, they will choose a better experience if they can and that involves having a better approach to patient engagement. 

Boosts Revenue

The more a patient engages with a provider, the more they will use their services and pay their bills. In one of our case studies, an urgent care customer used digital engagement to increase online payments by 204% and collect 81% more patient payments. 

Improves Efficiency

When patients are engaging with you the way you want them to, they’re using all of your services effectively. That means patient interactions are going to be pleasant and meaningful, and all of the processes built into place through the provider will run efficiently. Hospitals are at their best when all of their capabilities are used to their fullest potential. Automating many patient engagement processes relieves FTEs while delivering an experience that satisfies many patients who prefer digital communications.

Reduces Readmissions

A great way to improve health outcomes is to keep patients engaged. That’s what made the difference in this case study on patient messaging following lumbar spinal fusion surgery. Only 1.45% of patients returned to the hospital with an 87.5% response rate in messaging.

Always Room for Improvement

Healthcare is always changing, just like any other industry. Patient preferences and the way healthcare systems operate don’t stay the same forever. The pandemic is a good example of this with consumer preferences changing constantly in two years.

Patients manage their health and care much differently than they used to, leaving plenty of room for new improvements and ways of engaging patients. With the PatientBond Insights Accelerator™, providers can pull geographic and psychographic data to engage with their patients and potential patients nearby, whether it’s on their own platform or using PatientBond’s patient engagement tools.

Looking for more patient engagement strategies to use on your patients? Check out our complete guide to patient engagement strategies.

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