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The Press Recognizes c2b Solutions' Role in Health Care

consumer-understandingc2b solutions has been receiving much notoriety in the press lately, being recognized for the unique service we bring to healthcare. By applying consumer understanding methodologies learned after decades at P&G to unlock patient motivations and preferences, the experts at c2b solutions seek to aid healthcare professionals and institutions in patient activation and marketing.

Importantly, integrating consumer insights into healthcare is NOT about replacing aspects of medical practice. It IS about augmenting care with market research insights and communication techniques that focus on patient preferences and help influence positive behavior change.

Cincinnati Business Courier Interview

The Cincinnati Business Courier ran an article on c2b solutions last week titled, “P&G alums bring consumer expertise to health care.” The author, Barrett Brunsman, did an excellent job explaining c2b solutions’ products and services and their benefits to the medical community: 

“Hospitals are interested in consumer insights because reimbursement from insurers such as the federal government are increasingly linked to patient satisfaction and medical outcomes. And private insurance companies can benefit because they are competing for new customers as a result of the Affordable Care Act.”

In addition to the published article, the Business Courier ran a quick spot on its Sunday morning television show, in which I was asked about how c2b solutions can leverage consumer insights to help healthcare providers:


c2b solutions appreciates the positive coverage provided by Mr. Brunsman and the Cincinnati Business Courier and the awareness it is driving for the company.

National Press Coverage

A few weeks ago, a story on c2b solutions was picked up by several national outlets, including:

The article reinforced c2b solutions’ aspiration of employing consumer insights to change how healthy behaviors are facilitated in the U.S. It is this vision that prompted Tommy Thompson, former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and four-time Governor of Wisconsin, to endorse c2b solutions in his foreword to their book, the c2b Consumer Diagnostic:

“Health care organizations must evolve in this new era by deeply understanding consumer attitudes and behaviors to anticipate what excellence in health care means to them,” Thompson wrote. “Patient care supported by consumer insights will help deliver the standards we expect from the American health care system of tomorrow.”

c2b solutions’ core offerings include resources to help healthcare organizations achieve this vision:

  • The c2b Insights Accelerator, a database and intuitive analytics dashboard that allows custom queries of more than 15 million market research data points on consumers across various channels of healthcare delivery. The topics include (but are not limited to):
    • Health & wellness attitudes and behaviors
    • 44 different health conditions
    • The role of healthcare professionals (physicians, nurses, pharmacists)
    • Prescription and OTC medicine shopping habits
    • Health insurance attitudes, wants and needs
    • Healthcare Reform attitudes and beliefs
    • Media and influencer preferences
  • The c2b Consumer Diagnostic, a 625-page reference manual on the U.S. healthcare consumer. It summarizes data from the c2b Insights Accelerator for the following populations:
    • General Population
    • Cancer (7 types)
    • Cardiovascular disease (coronary heart disease, hypertension/high blood pressure, high cholesterol)
    • Diabetes (Types 1 & 2)
    • Emotional health (Anxiety and Depression)
    • Overweight/Obese
    • The c2b Psychographic Segments (see below)
  • 100+ slide PowerPoint presentations on each of the health conditions represented in the c2b Consumer Diagnostic

  • The c2b Consumer Classifier, which employs c2b solutions’ proprietary (patent pending) psychographic segmentation algorithm to classify consumers into one of five patient types.  When a consumer answers 12 simple questions, the Classifier is 91.1% predictive with regard to the segment to which a consumer belongs. Each patient type has its own approach to health and wellness, unique motivations, and distinct communication preferences.

Armed with these data and insights, a healthcare provider can increase its effectiveness engaging consumers (patients/members/shoppers) to drive:

  • ACQUISITION: Attracting consumers to your products/services
  • RETENTION: Winning the loyalty of consumers
  • ACTIVATION: Influencing positive behavior change for improved medical outcomes

Contact c2b solutions today to see how we can help your organization achieve success in this consumer-driven healthcare marketplace.

Psychographic Segmentation and its Practical Application in Patient Engagement and Behavior Change


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