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The Next Great Healthcare Innovation Will Be Consumer Driven

health-consumer-drivenSteve Jobs started Apple because he wanted to make computers accessible to everyone. Jack Dorsey started Square after a friend lost a sale because he couldn’t process a credit card. Like visionaries in other industries, healthcare innovators are frequently inspired by personal challenges as healthcare consumers. Soon, a hub for healthcare start-ups will be helping innovators get their big ideas off the ground.

Slated to open in early 2015, Matter, a Chicago-based innovation incubator for biotech, health IT and medical device companies, helps start-ups by providing low-cost office leasing, along with access to classes, events, mentoring and networking opportunities large companies, universities and investors in the Midwest region and beyond.

Several of the early applications are coming from start-ups that hope to address challenges in today’s consumer-driven healthcare environment.

Innovative Solutions for Patients and Caregivers

One Chicago-area newspaper recently reported on the up-coming incubator — and three of the potential members:

  • Local entrepreneur Adam Piotrowski has worked at five different start-ups in the past — and knows from personal experience how challenging it is to manage the day-to-day tasks — like finding office space and hiring great talent — when you’re also trying to develop revolutionary solutions. The former innovation fellow at Northwestern University is working to empower patients. His devices will help patients recovering from lung and breast cancer surgery or from C-sections get appropriate follow-up care. He believes that the Chicago area has the right mix of big business, research institutions and venture capitalists to make it “…dry tinder for explosive health care innovation.”
  • Scott Vold, CEO and co-founder of Fibroblast, is working on an innovative patient referral system that makes it easier for physician’s offices to schedule referrals that take into account quality, cost, proximity to patient and satisfaction ratings. The system also automates the reminder process for patients, sending texts that include directions to the appointment. This innovative tool — which is already being tested by nearly 90 providers in the Midwest — addresses demands for convenience that the new, consumer-driven healthcare system must achieve.
  • The solution developed by the founder and CEO of caremerge, Asif Khan, takes on another challenge in today’s healthcare landscape: sharing information — in real time — to improve decision making for families, care givers and clinicians of seniors. Featuring a free mobile app that lets families receive updates about loved ones in more than 100 senior living sites, the also allows authorized providers synchronize care more effectively to enable more proactive treatment that will lead to healthcare cost savings.

Collaborative spaces like Matter are just one approach that can help healthcare innovation thrive.

Consumer-driven Healthcare Needs More Visibility into Patient Motivations

c2b solutions is another innovative company that is moving out of start-up phase, as it celebrates its two-year anniversary this week and enjoys a steady client base. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, c2b solutions focuses on identifying and applying healthcare consumer insights to strengthen its clients’ strategies and patient engagement efforts.

Notably, c2b solutions has developed a proprietary psychographic segmentation model based on consumers’ approaches to health and wellness, which is 91.1% predictive. Psychographics are based on people’s lifestyle, attitudes and personality, and help answer why patients behave as they do, uncovering the motivations behind their actions. 

C2b solutions’ psychographic segmentation model has been leveraged in pilots influencing positive patient behavior change and is currently being integrated into an automated patient outreach platform focused on 30 day readmission with hospitals.

In a forward to the c2b Consumer Diagnostic, former U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson identifies a crucial component for successfully transforming healthcare. “Health care organizations must evolve in this new era by deeply understanding consumer attitudes and behaviors to anticipate what excellence in health care means to them,” he notes.

For more information on how our consumer insights can help your organization develop more effective strategies for reaching healthcare consumers, contact c2b solutions today.

Psychographic Segmentation and its Practical Application in Patient Engagement and Behavior Change


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