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The Benefits of Optimizing Patient Engagement

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Health outcomes are a top priority for many providers, but patient engagement, which should be an important part of the care experience, may not get the focus it deserves.

The reality is that improving patient engagement does a lot to help providers achieve their care goals, bottom line and more. Here are just some of the benefits of improving patient engagement.

Generate Loyalty

Patients are looking for the best experience possible when it comes to their healthcare providers. So when a healthcare consumer finds a provider they absolutely love, they don’t want to let them go. Patients feel this way when they get the best possible patient engagement.

The root of that is an innate understanding of the patient. PatientBond helps providers do this through the PatientBond Insights Accelerator™. It’s an online interface that allows providers to get rich data on healthcare consumers like top services desired, preferred methods of communication and what kind of psychographic segment they are to determine their healthcare motivations. When providers understand what motivates a patient, they are more likely to get a patient that follows through on their health and is engaged, resulting in higher patient loyalty.

PatientBond also offers a Patient-Provider Match process based on psychographic profiles, connecting patients and clinicians based on personality and practice philosophy. It improves patient/provider interactions and satisfaction and can operate as a stand-alone product or as an enhancement to an existing find-a-doc application.

Smoother Processes

When things are simple, things are easier and more efficient. The same goes for patient engagement, and a lot of that has to do with digital patient engagement. Patients have more options to engage with their provider when they have digital communication tools, like direct messages with their doctor on a digital health platform or text messaging their provider. And when it comes to appointment reminders or follow-ups, sending an IVR message (automated call) or a message within a digital health platform saves your staff time to do other important work, including taking care of patient needs.

Patients are eager for digital health tools and 76% say they’d like to manage their healthcare digitally. If they make a provider’s job easier, they’re well worth it.

More Revenue

It’s a no-brainer that revenue increases as a result of optimizing patient engagement. When your services are better, current patients stick with providers and new patients are attracted to these providers. And these patients seek additional health services outside annual checkups, through an extended patient journey, resulting in more revenue.

Better Health Outcomes

Patients are eager to return more often if they are experiencing excellent engagement. And when patients seek more services, their health outcomes improve because they are catching issues early and having healthy behaviors reinforced. Plus, when providers make their services run more efficiently, they can make time to better care for their patients.

As a provider, making the effort to boost patient engagement can not only help patients but also go a long way to improving your ROI. Learn more about how you can improve your patient engagement with the help of the PatientBond Insights Accelerator™.

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