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Press Release: PatientBond Recognized by KLAS for Performance and Impact of Emerging Solutions in Healthcare IT

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PRESS RELEASE: PatientBond was recognized for its performance and impact on the healthcare IT industry by KLAS at its Emerging Solutions Recognition Breakfast event held at ViVE on March 9 in Miami, Florida.

"We are honored to be recognized by KLAS for PatientBond's impact on the industry," stated Justin Dearborn, CEO of PatientBond. "KLAS provides a comprehensive and objective view of the healthcare IT landscape. For PatientBond to stand out in this competitive market of patient engagement companies speaks volumes about PatientBond's differentiated capabilities and outstanding customer results."

For perspective, KLAS provides accurate, honest and impartial insights for the healthcare IT (HIT) industry through strong relationships and balanced interviews with payers and providers. KLAS is widely accepted in the healthcare community as a highly credible and reliable source of intelligence on HIT vendors, products and services.

Customer Interviews

KLAS interviews the customers of healthcare IT companies, though the respondents remain anonymous to facilitate open, honest and constructive feedback. KLAS helps companies like PatientBond improve their go-to-market strategies and service performance with this valuable customer feedback.

A small sample of customer quotes from KLAS's interviews on PatientBond include:

  • "I would definitely recommend PatientBond's solution. If anyone is looking for a solution to allow providers to connect emotionally with existing and potential patients, PatientBond's system is the easiest off-the-shelf solution in the healthcare industry. The system is customizable, and that is really important. We wanted to be able to segment patients and communicate with them directly in an emotional language that they would understand; that was a very important outcome that we hoped to achieve. We also wanted to look at and improve the bill-collection process through communications. Lastly, we wanted to make clinical improvements, such as better adherence once people leave the hospital. Since getting the system, we have improved our click rates on emails and digital advertising by targeting specific groups. PatientBond has been really supportive of us and has been right there with us all the way." - Hospital Vice President
  • "PatientBond is an innovative, customer-focused company that tries very hard and exceeds almost everyone else in the industry in terms of delivering on what they say they are doing to deliver and adapting their solutions to the needs of customers." - CEO/President
  • "PatientBond's model for psychographic segmentation is more than 10 years in the making with extremely robust market research and proven case studies backing all of the findings. At our organization, it is really important for us to do our best to personalize our member engagement to the best of our ability. PatientBond's system is such a natural way for us to start scratching the surface of doing that. Instead of messaging members in a one-size-fits-all manner, the system allows us a much better way to speak to members based on how they feel. Then members can manage and value their own health. Everyone is different, and the system allows us the first step into the customization of the communications that we are giving to our members. I really like that. My hope is that as we continue to see data come through, the system will continue to be effective and help our members feel cared for." - Director
  • "The vendor is very responsive. We have some other vendors that aren't as responsive. I can always count on the vendor. Even if I email them late at night, I know that they are going to get back to me. We made the switch to PatientBond just because they were really easy to work with and very flexible. The vendor is willing to change their offerings to fit what we need. The vendor is always willing to make modifications to fit what we need. The system isn't one size fits all. A lot of people look for big names that have big clients when looking for new software. We get more one-on-one attention from smaller companies like PatientBond. I am really happy with PatientBond. The advice I would give is to not always go with the biggest company because they aren't always going to be able to provide exactly what people need." - Manager
  • "There are vendors and there are partners, and I have always considered PatientBond a solid, very good partner. They are people we can talk to, and we can get to their executives. They will try to work through a solution with us, and that is high praise because a lot of vendors cannot do that or don't have a platform that is flexible enough that they can provide those customized solutions. I have always been impressed with PatientBond in that way. We talk to their executives all the time." - CIO

About PatientBond

PatientBond was founded by leaders in digital health, consumer engagement and consumer product executives from P&G who realized that the rise of consumerism in healthcare means that providers and other healthcare stakeholders must take a "digital first" approach to building loyal patient relationships. PatientBond’s mission is to leverage Healthcare Consumer Insights and Innovative Technology Solutions to help its clients build a tighter bond with their patients and members to improve health outcomes, increase revenue and reduce costs. PatientBond is a portfolio company of First Trust Capital Partners. To learn more about PatientBond, visit


To learn more about what PatientBond's customers think of the company, download the KLAS Spotlight Report.

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