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Press Release: PatientBond Launches on Olive's Marketplace - The Library

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PRESS RELEASE January 13, 2022: PatientBond is excited to announce that it has launched its insights-driven patient engagement technologies on Olive’s marketplace, The Library. Olive is the automation company that is creating the Internet of Healthcare. Olive's healthcare solution marketplace enables developers, independent software vendors, system integrators and other partners to list, sell and grow with Olive.

Olive’s marketplace enables PatientBond to open a distribution channel and market to Olive’s customer base, which currently includes more than 30 percent of the largest providers in the United States. By joining Olive’s marketplace, PatientBond has access to a successful distribution channel to sell its products and services to an established customer base that is actively looking for solutions.

Why PatientBond

PatientBond provides a patient engagement platform that is highly differentiated in a crowded marketplace. PatientBond uses sophisticated, scientific methods for understanding and influencing healthcare consumers' decisions and behaviors. This consumer science involves psychographic segmentation, in which healthcare consumers are targeted and engaged according to their attitudes, values, beliefs and personalities. Messaging and channel mix are personalized for patients based on their psychographic profile to motivate and activate desired behaviors.

PatientBond integrates its proprietary psychographic segmentation model with dynamic, multi-channel digital workflows for two-way communications. PatientBond can enhance a healthcare provider's current technology investments (e.g., EMR, CRM) or act as a standalone platform. PatientBond has proven to achieve significantly better outcomes.

Insights AcceleratorTM

PatientBond also offers the Insights Accelerator™, an easy-to-use, online interface for accessing the extensive market research PatientBond conducts on healthcare consumers every year. The Insights AcceleratorTM allows the user to define the patient type (e.g., age, gender, health condition, psychographic segment, etc.) and analyze their attitudes and behaviors and determine the consumer-preferred communication channels, cadence and content to engage and activate patients more effectively.

"We're thrilled to welcome PatientBond into The Library community. Our goal with The Library is to bring together forward-thinkers and industry disruptors to create a new health experience."

- Patrick Jones, Executive Vice Presidents, Partnerships, Olive

To learn more about what PatientBond's customers think of the company, download the KLAS Spotlight Report.

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