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Press Release: PatientBond Helps WellDyne Boost Member Engagement to Achieve Outstanding Results

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PRESS RELEASE: PatientBond announced results from its partnership with WellDyne, a national pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) leveraging consumer science and technology to drive better clinical and financial outcomes.

WellDyne is using PatientBond's psychographic segmentation model and healthcare consumer insights to better understand their membership and provide more personal service, promote adherence and actively engage members in managing their health. Members are assessed to determine where each individual fits within the five main personality types of PatientBond's psychographic model, and member engagement strategies are tailored to their psychographic profiles.

"Healthcare is extremely personal and our business is a people business," says Manoj Kumar, Vice President of Products at WellDyne. "Illuminating the patient behind the health condition creates a more personal experience."

WellDyne achieved remarkable results combining data and technology to personalize communications:

  • 120 percent increase in text message engagement
  • 81 percent of members took action on text-based refill reminders
  • 36 percent increase in medication adherence

"Fifty-five million prescriptions are abandoned at the pharmacy each year," explains Justin Dearborn, CEO of PatientBond. "We strive to improve medication adherence through enhanced member and patient engagement for better health outcomes, and WellDyne is a great example of making that vision a reality."

To learn more about psychographic segmentation in healthcare, please download our whitepaper, "Psychographic Segmentation and its Practical Application in Patient Engagement and Behavior Change."

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