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Press Release: PatientBond Announces Agreement with Vizient for Proven Patient Engagement and Behavior Change Solutions

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PRESS RELEASE: PatientBond announced an agreement with Vizient, Inc., to offer digital patient engagement and behavior change programs to Vizient member healthcare organizations for improved clinical and business outcomes. Vizient is the largest member-driven healthcare performance improvement company in the country, with a diverse membership and customer base, which includes academic medical centers, pediatric facilities, community hospitals, integrated health delivery networks and non-acute health care providers.

PatientBond provides a patient engagement platform that uses sophisticated, scientific methods for understanding and influencing healthcare consumers' decisions and healthy behaviors. PatientBond integrates its proprietary psychographic segmentation model with machine learning to identify healthcare consumers' values, motivations and communication preferences. PatientBond leverages these insights through dynamic, multi-channel, digital workflows to personalize two-way healthcare consumer communications proven to activate desired patient behaviors for significantly better outcomes.

A sample of the many patient engagement programs available to Vizient's member healthcare organizations through this contract include:

  • Care Gap Closures, Condition Specific Messaging, Screenings, Appointment Reminders and Appropriate Use communications
  • Hospital Readmission Reduction
  • Digital Health Risk Assessments
  • Psychographically segmented marketing campaigns to advance patient/member activation
  • Patient/Physician Match/Find a Doc based on psychographic insights
  • Dynamic Payment Reminders

"PatientBond brings consumer science and dynamic intervention technologies to healthcare with unmatched clinical and business results," stated Justin Dearborn, CEO of PatientBond. "Vizient's member healthcare organizations can benefit from PatientBond's personalized patient engagement at scale with proven and consistent results."

To learn more about the PatientBond platform for patient engagement, please visit our website page providing further details.

OR: To learn more about psychographic segmentation in healthcare, please download our whitepaper, "Psychographic Segmentation and its Practical Application in Patient Engagement and Behavior Change."

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