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PatientBond Announces New Website, New Results & New Clients


PatientBond is excited to announce several new updates and initiatives as it continues to grow quickly behind its unrivaled platform for amplifying patient engagement. 


New Website

Just as a “one size fits all” message is not the optimal way to engage a population of patients, PatientBond recognizes that different types of healthcare organizations have different needs. While superior patient care is a common goal across our clients, a small chain of urgent care centers has unique needs relative to a large, Integrated Health System.  

With this in mind, PatientBond has redesigned its website to adjust the user experience according to the type of healthcare organization to which the visitor belongs. Moreover, the website focuses on client benefits and results versus features of the PatientBond platform.  

While PatientBond offers dozens of applications and use cases, the website now helps drive focus on the four “pillars” of what PatientBond can do to help its clients achieve unrivaled business and clinical results; specifically, improve healthcare consumer:

  • Marketing/Acquisition
  • Loyalty
  • Health Outcomes
  • Payment Collections

Work on the website is not finished. It will continue to evolve and adapt to its visitors’ needs. This relaunch is just the beginning of an improved visitor experience.



New Results

PatientBond has been documenting the superior results its customers have been achieving and now offers multiple case studies detailing these initiatives. These case studies can be found on PatientBond’s website, but here are some examples of the results:


New Psychographic Segmentation Study

With its acquisition of c2b solutions in December 2017, PatientBond took full ownership of a proven psychographic segmentation model to personalize all digital and print communications across a client’s healthcare consumer population.

This psychographic model was developed by healthcare consumer experts from Procter & Gamble, who led such work for P&G’s Healthcare Division since the early 2000’s and founded c2b solutions. c2b solutions conducted national market research every 2 years to collect a vast amount of healthcare consumer insights and verify the ongoing stability of its psychographic model.

PatientBond continued this extensive market research in August 2018 and is now armed with updated data to help its clients influence healthcare consumer behavior and further amplify patient engagement. This research addresses such topics as:

  • Prime prospect targets for urgent care (the Willful Endurer psychographic segment is 7X more likely than other segments to frequently use urgent care)
  • Healthcare consumer prioritization of HCAHPS measures
  • Attitudes regarding Artificial Intelligence and the role of digital personal assistants (e.g., Alexa) in healthcare
  • Psychographic segment acceptance of telemedicine
  • Preferred communication channels and frequency for health education, appointment reminders, health screening announcements, etc.
  • Plus many other topics of critical importance to healthcare organizations

PatientBond looks forward to sharing this wealth of data and insights with its clients, as well as in these articles, too.


New Clients

PatientBond’s growth rate in new client locations is accelerating across the verticals we serve, including hospitals, health systems, health insurance companies, urgent care and other healthcare organizations. As of this post, PatientBond is being used in more than 330 client locations with many additional contracts in the pipeline.  

PatientBond’s depth and breadth of applications and proprietary psychographic model addressing Marketing/Consumer Acquisition, Patient Loyalty, Health Outcomes and Payment Collections have struck a chord in the market. For customer testimonials regarding PatientBond’s value to their respective businesses, please visit the PatientBond website.




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