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PatientBond and the American Heart Association Collaborate to Improve Cardiovascular Health


PatientBond and the American Heart Association (AHA) announced a collaboration to improve cardiovascular health and reduce hospital readmissions for cardiovascular conditions by combining the AHA’s science-based CarePlans and health content with PatientBond’s proprietary psychographic segmentation model and digital engagement applications. 

This suite of digital solutions is called the AHA Health Motivation Platform, which drives desired patient behavior change through a variety of digital communication channels – emails, text messages, Interactive Voice Response calls and in-App content.  The user’s experience is personalized by appealing to their intrinsic, health-related motivations through PatientBond’s psychographic model, compelling the user to take action. 

The AHA Health Motivation Platform

The AHA Health Motivation Platform digital solutions include:



Condition Management Program:  A patient engagement program designed to manage cardiovascular-related conditions as a supplement to provider’s care. The program is a 12-month modular approach to care management initially focusing on heart failure, hypertension, atrial fibrillation, and stroke. Each condition-specific program will include a combination of assessments, goals, and action plans, as well as educational content tailored to the unique needs of each patient.


Health-Enhancement-ProgramHealth Enhancement Program:  An engagement program aimed at managing and improving general population wellness and prevention of cardiovascular disease. The program includes a variety of rich media content designed to create a dynamic, patient-focused engagement experience. The length of the program is designed to be flexible and determined by user needs.


Readmissions-Reduction-ProgramReadmissions Reduction Program:  A discharge management solution focused on reducing hospital readmissions for cardiovascular conditions. The program leverages the AHA’s evidence-based CarePlans and psychographic modeling to provide patient-specific guidance and educational content in a post-acute setting. The length of the program is designed to be flexible and include a 30 to 90-day post-acute period, depending on user needs.

An organization interested in the
AHA Health Motivation Platform can contact PatientBond to discuss how we can help it achieve its heart health goals.“The American Heart Association sets the standard for cardiovascular-related content, education and science-based CarePlans,” said Anurag Juneja, CEO of PatientBond.  “PatientBond will use this content combines with psychographic insights and delivery models to help patients.  This collaboration should produce significant benefits for patients, providers and payers alike.”

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