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MercyOne Launches PatientBond Patient-Provider Matching Tool Based on Psychographics

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MercyOne has piloted a new patient-provider matching tool developed by PatientBond, aiming to make it easier for patients to connect with a primary care physician. PatientBond's psychographic segmentation model is at the core of the online matching tool, in which patients and healthcare providers answer a short list of questions to identify their "healthcare personality" and the provider's practice style. Patients and providers are aligned based on shared attitudes and similar views.

The initiative has been tested in MercyOne's Central Iowa market and will soon be rolled out across all of MercyOne's health care markets to include all adult primary care and family care physicians who are accepting new patients. The initiative was catalyzed by requests made by MercyOne staff during the COVID-19 pandemic as they strategized around improving connections with health consumers. They reasoned, "The better the relationship you have with your care team, the more likely you are to follow the recommendations of your provider."

Janell Pittman, chief marketing and digital strategy officer for MercyOne, stated, "One of the leaders who was involved in creating it is new to the area, and waited to select his primary care provider until the tool was live so that he could use it. So he had a personal investment in making sure that we got things going."

PatientBond offers a short video explaining the Patient-Provider Matching tool on its website:


To see how the Patient-Provider Matching tool works on MercyOne's website, click here.

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