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Marketing your Hospital Services: How to Attract Loyal Patients

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Hospitals have a reputation for the type of care they provide. When a patient thinks of a hospital, they think that it’s a place they go to for emergencies or major procedures. This is true, but hospitals provide more than just those types of services. Healthcare consumers can use these providers for other important healthcare options like health screenings, outpatient care and even at-home services.

Any patient may look into these services, but loyal patients will continually return when they need specialized care. It takes effort to market hospital services to loyal patients, but it’s not impossible. Here are some ways that work well for hospital providers.

Offer Financial Assistance

A recent survey found that one in three healthcare consumers delay medical care if they have outstanding medical debt. Patients that delay care only prolong their poor health outcomes, if not make them worse. The new price rules have helped since patients can see the cost ahead of time online and can prepare for the costs, but it isn’t enough.

Healthcare isn’t cheap, but it can be made more affordable by offering multiple payment options and plans. Hospitals can also provide financial assistance programs for those who qualify. Empathy when encountering these situations doesn’t hurt either.

If the patient feels support from this perspective, it helps immensely.

Invest in Patient Insights

Retail companies have been marketing to their clientele using consumer data for decades, but healthcare is far behind because it had been difficult to get healthcare consumer data byond demographics or utilization data.

Through the PatientBond Insights Accelerator™, healthcare organizations can pull immediate insights to use for any type of healthcare consumer, including attitudes and behaviors regarding health and wellness, services most desired from a hospital and even preferred communication channels from which to develop campaigns. This data can even be localized to determine what healthcare consumers in specific communities are interested in. Instead of shooting in the dark with messaging and hoping it sticks, providers can get immediate insights on patients.

Utilize Psychographics

Now included among the insights that providers can get with the PatientBond Insights Accelerator™ include psychographics. Psychographic segmentation looks at the attitudes, personalities and beliefs of patients and determines what motivates them. Patients are segmented into five segments to determine the type of healthcare consumer they are.

Just by knowing a patient’s psychographic segment, providers can tweak patient messaging so that it appeals to their motivations. As a result, loyal patients are more likely to follow through on health objectives, like pursuing other hospital services.

Want to learn more about how psychographics can help health systems nurture patient loyalty? Download our most popular whitepaper today.

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