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Integrating Patient Engagement Technology Within a Care Plan

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Technology encompasses people’s lives every single day. Right when they wake up, many check their phones for the latest news and their schedule for the day. They use smart devices to regulate thermostats, change light switches and play their favorite podcast. And yet, patients still visit their doctor and come up with care plans that don’t utilize the technology we have ingrained in our lives.

It's surprising providers don’t do it enough with these tools to increase patient engagement when patients are already utilizing them and eager to use them. In fact, 76% of healthcare consumers want to use at least one digital method to keep track of their health and connect with their provider. 

Many of the options out there are easy to implement, but here are a few of them.

Post-op Follow-up

After the patient’s office visit, providers should continue engaging with their patients, even if they are in good health. Something as simple as setting up an automatic follow-up message through a digital health platform, whether it’s a few days, a week or two weeks after a visit, can go a long way toward improving health outcomes and building patient loyalty. The patient may have a symptom following their appointment that they need to address or they may want to address a completely different issue, like scheduling a health screening or a vaccination or an entirely different specialty within your services.

It’s an easy way to encourage patients to look into your other services and they get the engagement they’re looking for from their doctor.

Appointment & Medication Reminders

On average in the U.S., 27% of healthcare consumers miss their appointments, but these rates can range anywhere from 10-50%. Unfortunately, medication adherence is worse. 50% of healthcare consumers don’t take their medications as prescribed by their doctor and that leads to 125,000 deaths a year. Your patients could avoid these statistics entirely if they had reminders to take action on these items.

This is where a digital health platform continues to come in handy within the patient engagement journey. Using the platform, you can automatically schedule reminders for appointments and for medications they are taking. You could also create appointment reminders for other health screenings like an annual physical, a flu shot or certain screenings for cancers and other diseases that are common within the patient’s family. It keeps the patient engaged and extends the patient journey.


At-Home Technologies

With today’s healthcare consumer technology, it’s easy for providers to pull more health insights from their patients. Wearables and mHealth apps are some of the most common ways to get this data, but remote monitoring and at-home diagnostic tests are other routes to take, especially if a patient is older and needs additional care. While not every patient likes the idea of sharing health data, especially through personal devices, this can be mitigated slightly by providing the technology needed to record this data. Diabetes patients have done this for years at this point.

And with some of these tools, gamification is built within them to encourage healthcare consumers to beat their health goals or to make progress overall on a day-to-day basis.


PatientBond Insights Accelerator Data

PatientBond Insights Accelerator™

Even if a care plan is easy to follow using technology, some patients may still need some coaxing. PatientBond Insights Accelerator™ simplifies the engagement process by using psychographic insights to determine what motivates a patient to engage. This model, combined with AI, can help providers communicate with patients in a personalized way that enhances the patient/provider relationship long-term. Our extensive data encompasses the U.S. and can even narrow down healthcare consumers locally using heat maps.

The days of written care plans are long gone. By integrating technology in your care plans, providers can adapt quickly as the digital world continues to grow and patients can reap the benefits of better health outcomes. Find out more about how PatientBond can make that happen.

PatientBond Insights Accelerator™

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