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How to Use Patient Engagement Trends to Elevate Market Share

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The way patients interact with their providers continues to change. While telehealth dominated healthcare in the trenches of the pandemic, other options have slowly crept in like doctor’s office subscriptions. But what do your patients really want?

To figure out, you have to look deeper than the trends themselves and see what your patients and community members need.

These are just a few ways you can utilize patient engagement trends to better understand your healthcare consumers and elevate your market share.

Research Healthcare Industry Trends

When was the last time you sat down and read news and insights on what’s going on in the healthcare industry? We know that’s easier said than done these days.

It can be hard for providers to keep up with so many day-to-day tasks on their plate, but if you’re strapped for time, email newsletters from notable healthcare feeds and news outlets are a great start. Our favorites include Becker’s Hospital Review, HISTalk, RAMA on Healthcare, HIMSS and UCAOA. You can also get healthcare news and insights from us at PatientBond by subscribing to blogs like this one.

Granted, just because these trends are being seen in your industry doesn’t mean you should follow them verbatim or expect them to last forever. They’re called trends for a reason.

It’s important to look at what your patients are responding to at your practice, hospital or center. You can do that by gathering patient feedback or looking at patient journey patterns, both of which we’ll talk about next.

Gather Patient Feedback

The best way to understand healthcare consumers is by listening to them, and there’s no better way to do that than to get patient feedback.

Patient surveys after appointments are an excellent way to do this. Their experience is fresh in their mind and they’re more likely to respond having an immediate positive or negative experience. While no one wants to get poor feedback, all feedback is crucial for understanding your customer’s needs. If anything, poor feedback allows you to target areas that need improvement and can help you solve multiple issues at once. You may even find issues you didn’t foresee. All of this can be implemented within a digital health platform.

You may even pull feedback from other sources like social media and take it a step further with social listening tools that monitor your brand mentions. These tools allow you to see public posts about your organization, whether or not you’re tagged in them, so you can pull in all the feedback possible from your patients.

Find Patient Journey Patterns

Not all patients act the same way, so why would you expect them to have the same exact healthcare consumer journey? PatientBond utilizes psychographic segmentation within our digital patient engagement platform to address this problem.

Psychographics focus on a patient’s inner motivations based on their beliefs, ideals and more. Those inner motivations are what push them to take action on their health. Under the PatientBond model, we separate healthcare consumers into five types of patients and you can discover your own segment using our 12-question patient classifier. PatientBond is the only patient engagement platform that integrates this model in healthcare, but it has been used in all types of consumer markets for years.

This method allows you to see patterns based on patient segments. For instance, Self Achievers like to pay their bills right away after an appointment, but Willful Endurers like to wait. And when it comes to their healthcare needs, Balance Seekers like to do research on their own and come up with their own conclusions about how to proceed rather than solely trust their doctor. Unlike a Balance Seeker, a Direction Taker will listen to everything their doctor says.

All of this data that PatientBond has collected across the country can be accessed through the PatientBond Insights Accelerator™. For many of our clients, it has made a difference in expanding market share.

Utilize the PatientBond Insights Accelerator™

Our latest tool, PatientBond Insights Accelerator™, offers all of the healthcare consumer data providers lack but need. It gives you a better idea of what healthcare consumers value within the immediate area of your centers, practices and hospitals so that you can expand your healthcare footprint. It’s a resource that healthcare providers don’t normally have access to that gives you a competitive advantage, like healthcare consumer insights on the COVID-19 vaccine.

It’s hard to know what patients want in a technology-driven world. It’s easy to get lost in the patient engagement trends out there, but what matters most is what your patients are craving and what healthcare consumers near you value.

See what the PatientBond Insights Accelerator™ can do for you by contacting us today.

PatientBond Insights Accelerator™

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