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How to Extend Your Care Beyond Checkout

How to Extend Your Care Beyond Checkout

As people continue to rely on their phones and computers, healthcare can take advantage of this dependence to improve health outcomes. One way providers can do this is by adopting a digital engagement platform that creates automated and relevant patient communications. People often need more care than can be provided in a doctor’s office or hospital, so continued engagement is a great way to give them more support.

The Role of Accountability

It’s easy for patients to smile and nod when you discuss their care plan with them, but whether they follow this care plan once they leave the exam room is an entirely different story. Sometimes personal health is the first thing that slips to make way for family, work or other obligations. To increase compliance, providers need to educate and empower patients through increased, personalized interactions. In turn, these interactions keep them accountable.

Long-term engagement often yields long-term health outcomes. Thus, patients who receive chronic care can especially benefit from this accountability. Many patients with chronic diseases or pain desire more interactions with their healthcare providers. A 2017 survey from West Healthcare found that over half of respondents said their chronic care plan would benefit from the occasional provider check-in.

Engagement tools also help patients feel like they have a sense of ownership of their care. Patients who feel more motivated and empowered in their care are more likely to become active participants in their health and wellbeing.

With a strong digital engagement platform, you can check in with patients, encourage them to follow their care plans, monitor their progress and remind them of important action items. For example, sending a timely reminder about a flu shot can motivate patients to schedule an appointment.

How to Leverage Digital Engagement

Digital engagement is a great way to connect with healthcare consumers, from scheduling to appointment reminders. You could even send a pre-recorded video to new patients welcoming them to your practice and introducing some of the staff. This strategy can be a great way to engage patients from the outset.

Whether you want to see how a patient’s treatment is progressing or remind them about a follow-up appointment, an engagement platform can be a useful tool. Not only does it increase accountability, but It can also help free up your staff’s time so they can do their jobs with fewer distractions, allowing deeper patient-provider connections to form.

With the right platform, patients can provide feedback on their current symptoms, status and pain level. In turn, this feedback helps providers address their needs more immediately. If a patient reports significant pain, for example, you or one of your staff members can reach out and see what’s wrong. By addressing conditions more quickly, you can improve health outcomes.

Crafting Custom Communications

PatientBond’s digital engagement platform is powered by a proprietary psychographic segmentation model. This tool provides invaluable insights that help you communicate with healthcare consumers more effectively.

With a quick survey, this model classifies consumers into one of five segments. These groups have unique communication preferences, both in method and message. By revealing these preferences as well as shedding light on patients’ motivations, priorities and lifestyles, psychographic segmentation helps providers interact with healthcare consumers in more meaningful ways.  

As a result of these interactions and the increased accountability, PatientBond’s platform can help you improve health outcomes—especially for patients in chronic care. Our automatic pre-admission and post-discharge messages have reduced 30-day hospital readmissions for patients with congestive heart failure by 90 percent.

Digital engagement is transforming healthcare as we know it. Psychographic segmentation, along with PatientBond’s digital engagement platform, can help you encourage healthy behaviors in your patients so you can improve their health outcomes.

For more on the relationship between psychographic segmentation, digital engagement and health outcomes, download our case study.

How Psychographic Segmentation & Digital Engagement Improve Health Outcomes



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