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How a Digital Health Platform Can Reinvigorate Your Market Share

How a Digital Health Platform Can Reinvigorate Your Market Share_v2

It’s stiff competition for patients these days. While COVID-19 has certainly played a role, the rivalry has been going on well before that with the advent of healthcare consumerism and price transparency. There’s also only so much you can do with the limited resources you have to acquire new patients.

In a time where everyone seems to be doing more digitally and there are many technology vendors, it can be daunting to find a solution that engages patients, brings them back and helps you attract new patients. That’s why a solution like a comprehensive digital health platform may be your best bet.

What is a Digital Health Platform?

A digital health platform is a patient engagement tool that manages the entire patient journey, from when the patient looks you up on Google to when they pay their bill and schedule another visit.

Previously, these services were offered piecemeal by niche technology companies or didn’t even exist. This somewhat new way of supplementing  clinical care allows providers to integrate all the touchpoints of care in one place, saving time and money, increasing revenue and improving patient experience and health outcomes.

How a Digital Health Platform Can Increase Market Share

In the last decade, consumers have been growing accustomed to using technology to interact with companies. Online shopping through stores like Amazon and paying for coffee through the Starbucks app are great examples of this. The companies that adapted their business model to integrate more digital capabilities, whether early in the COVID-19 pandemic or well before, have adapted best in today’s current environment.

But what makes a digital health platform so appealing for generating market share?

Everything is in One Place

Not every digital healthcare tool is created equal. Some only offer a couple services or even just one service. This can turn consumers off if they have to go on different platforms to speak to their doctor or schedule an appointment.

Utilizing a digital health platform allows you to put all of these services under one place, which makes it easier for patients to adapt to and use and it saves money. If patients like their experience, they’ll recommend their providers to friends and family.

Consumers Want it More Than Ever

In today’s landscape, patients welcome digital tools when engaging with their healthcare providers. Before the pandemic, the PatientBond Consumer Diagnostic found that 29% of the general population used a health portal to access their health information in the last 12 months and 15% were interested in trying telehealth.

Recent data from CVS Health, which was collected in March as the pandemic unfolded, shows that 48% are interested in using direct messaging with their doctor and 32% said the same for telehealth. These are strong increases from the previous year and yet the data doesn’t fully encapsulate current patient trends today. Demand for tools within digital health platforms will continue to grow and by adopting these tools — the right tools — as soon as possible, you can take over some of that market share.

Works Efficiently

In the past, efforts to build market share were not integrated. Now with a digital health platform, you can automate and deploy different types of messages using various communication channels without any extra effort by your staff. It not only saves you time and money by using your resources effectively, but it also works well, if not better, than other methods to welcome new and returning patients.

Poised for Growth

PatientBond CEO Anurag Juneja illustrated it best in a blog post> that COVID-19 has taught us to adapt. And the only way to adapt well in the healthcare industry is to have the tools that allow you to shift priorities and integrate technology as the field expands. A digital healthcare platform allows you to do that.

Why PatientBond’s Approach is Unique

A typical digital health platform will use AI to determine how patients want to engage but with the PatientBond Digital Health Platform, it’s taken a step further using psychographic segmentation.

Psychographic segmentation looks at what motivates a person to take action by understanding their personalities, values, lifestyles and more. By understanding a patient’s true motivation to go to the doctor, get a flu shot or pay a medical bill, you’re more likely to increase engagement with them, which results in an increase in patient payments, health outcomes and market share.

In a case study, AmeriHealth used the psychographic capabilities within the PatientBond Digital Health Platform to drive a 7.5x increase in telehealth registrations. And if it weren’t for PatientBond’s psychographic model, the provider wouldn’t have learned that 80% of the registrants were from two of the segments, allowing them to optimize their efforts on these segments.

You deserve the best when it comes to a digital health platform, and when you need to grow market share the most, you can trust PatientBond to make it happen.

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