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HIMSS15: c2b in Partnership with PatientBond


In a deal announced last Friday to coincide with the HIMSS 2015 conference, PatientBond has acquired c2b Horizons, a sister company to c2b solutions under the c2b family of companies. This deal has exciting potential, because it shows how psychographic segmentation can be leveraged in a practical way so that patients, hospitals, health insurance companies and many other stakeholders can benefit.

Targeted Healthcare Consumer Engagement

PatientBond is a cloud based, targeted healthcare engagement platform that enables hospitals and health systems to improve care coordination and patient loyalty using a preference based, personalized communications framework.

Said another way, PatientBond offers software that seamlessly integrates with healthcare organizations’ systems to deliver targeted communications to patients, utilizing various media such as text (SMS), emails, voicemails, etc. By incorporating c2b healthcare consumer insights and capabilities, PatientBond can customize messaging to patients based on the psychographic segment to which they belong. Appealing to patients’ motivations and communication preferences increases the likelihood that they will act on this messaging.

PatientBond, powered by c2b, allows its user to configure workflows and adjust communications in real time, so that the timing, frequency, wording and communications vehicles can be updated with little effort. The system incorporates the Consumer Classifier so that patients’ psychographic segment can be identified, which determines the segment-specific messaging that will be executed.

PatientBond, powered by c2b, offers a diverse set of engagement use cases including health reminders, medication adherence, disease management, appointment reminders, patient payment reminders, and more. One of the objectives upon which PatientBond is focusing is to help hospitals reduce 30 day readmissions. PatientBond is also working with employers to integrate its offering with workplace wellness programs.

A summary of PatientBond, powered by c2b, capabilities include:

  • Unique Consumer Profiling Capability – Proprietary Psychographic profiling tools for classification of patients into behavior groups based individual beliefs, motivations and action. This detailed understanding of healthcare consumer is vastly more effective to drive impactful engagement.
  • Configurable Visual Workflows: Highly flexible workflows that adjust in real time to achieve specific communications objectives and support rapid deployment of diverse set of engagement use cases from health reminders to adherence regimens and even patient payments.
  • Multi-channel, Multi-device Communications – Engage over any communication channel (SMS, Email, Voice, Secure Messages) and on any device (smartphones, tablets, desktops) with targeted content based on individual preferences that can be over-ridden for critical communications.
  • Intelligent Processes driven by Patient Input – Easily elicit patient inputs at any point in engagement lifecycle and dynamically adjust communications in real time based on patient actions or updates to patient health record. Use communications and patient actions data to drive insightful analytics.

“We are very excited about working with PatientBond to improve healthcare provider and payer consumer engagement initiatives. PatientBond’s agile communications workflow tools provide a perfect vehicle for delivery of the customized content that c2b creates,” said Casey Albertson, Chief Operating Officer of c2b solutions.


HIMSS (The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving healthcare quality, safety, cost-effectiveness, and access, through the best use of information technology and management systems.  The 2015 HIMMS conference in Chicago, IL, April 12-16, is the industry’s largest health IT educational program and exhibition center.

PatientBond, powered by c2b, will exhibit at the annual HIMSS trade show in the HX360 Innovation Pavilion in booth S-83. Attendees who stop by the booth will be able to be classified according to the c2b Psychographic Segments and receive a demonstration of the Patient Bond technology as they receive a phone text, email, and phoned voice recording for a use case (e.g. appointment reminder) they select, with psychographic-specific word choice.

If you are not able to attend HIMSS15, or would like to read more about the capabilities of PatientBond, powered by c2b, visit or read our whitepaper on patient engagement. Feel free to contact PatientBond to learn how these unique offerings can help your organization successfully engage and activate your healthcare consumers.

Psychographic Segmentation and its Practical Application in Patient Engagement and Behavior Change


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