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Technology Consumers Want to Use After the Pandemic | PatientBond

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COVID-19 made many healthcare consumers look at their health differently. They might have noticed the health disparities laid bare across the United States or how they had fallen behind on taking care of themselves physically and mentally. But as the pandemic has improved, many have returned to their healthcare providers in person to take care of overdue medical needs like cancer screenings.

As providers look to build their revenue after a tough year, there’s a lot to hope for with the vaccines widely available and patients ready to interact with their physicians and doctors again. 

Here’s what we know.

Which Healthcare Consumers Invest in Their Healthcare?

It’s a fact that not all healthcare consumers are alike. That’s especially apparent when you ask healthcare consumers questions about their health motivations. It’s through these questions that PatientBond determines what psychographic segment a person falls under. These segments are based on how proactive or reactive a patient is with their health, how they want healthcare services delivered and engagement preferences, based on PatientBond’s five segments.

Of all the segments, the one that’s most likely to spend whatever it takes to take care of themselves are Self Achievers. If they feel safe, these are the first ones returning to their healthcare providers. They’re also among the most likely to get their COVID-19 vaccination along with Direction Takers according to PatientBond’s market research.

Opportunities for Growth

Prior to the pandemic, there were technologies that patients didn’t envision themselves using, but even healthcare wasn’t pushing for them much, either. Now that patients know there are more options available and healthcare providers are more willing to use them as a result, it’s opening up more opportunities for healthcare providers to grow their offerings and build their market share.

Here are a few of the offerings patients are willing to use to manage their health after COVID-19 based on PatientBond’s research.

Remote Monitoring

When patients couldn’t go to their practice, healthcare providers had a hard time monitoring their health stats. But with a remote monitor, patients don’t have to visit their doctor to give them the information they need.

In real-time, healthcare consumers can provide health stats using a medical device or health and fitness apps. The demand for this grew four percentage points prior to what the general population was using before the pandemic, but among the segments, Self Achievers grew the most demand for this with one in five now willing to use it. Willful Endurers stayed consistent, but are also statistically more likely to use it after the pandemic. Considering both of these segments represent over half of healthcare consumers, this is hard to ignore. 


It’s no surprise that telehealth is among the technologies patients are likely to use after COVID-19. Roughly 1 of 10 healthcare consumers tried telehealth prior to the pandemic; however, two psychographic segments — Self Achievers and Willful Endurers — represented 73% of telehealth use. As the pandemic begins to pass, 3 in 10 health consumers are willing to use telehealth regularly. It’s no surprise that every segment saw increased interest in using this technology.

Digital Communications with Provider

Whether it’s texting their provider or messaging them on a secure app or online portal, patients want to easily connect with their doctor. Demand for these tools went up around 6 percentage points among the general population. Considering open rates for SMS messages can reach 98% versus 20% for emails, it’s a no-brainer to use these tools for appointment reminders, healthcare marketing messages and payment reminders.

Healthcare consumer preferences are changing constantly and depending on the type of provider, demand for specific tools could vary. That’s when a tool like the PatientBond Insights Accelerator™ comes in handy. It pulls data on what healthcare consumers are looking for based on demographics, psychographics, generational data and local heat mapping. These insights can then be used to hyper-target messaging to patients.

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