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Healthcare Marketing: How to Target Audiences for Improved Results

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Healthcare organizations have a challenge marketing to specific audiences using “one size fits all” approaches. These efforts can fall flat with many healthcare consumers who aren’t motivated by the messaging.

The solution? Hyper target audiences so that they are motivated to follow through on specific marketing propositions. There’s a process involved in doing this so that providers can reap the benefits of actively engaged healthcare consumers.

1. Determine the Psychographic Segment

Psychographic segmentation might sound unfamiliar, but the concept has been used by the retail and consumer industries for decades. It’s based on the idea that people make choices based on their innermost motivations. Psychographics involve people’s beliefs, values and more to determine what motivates them to take action. 

PatientBond determines a patient’s segment by having them take a quick classifier survey and based on the results, patients are put into one of five groups. These segments determine how healthcare marketers engage with the patient, from how often they receive messages to what kinds of images are used in the messaging. This level of personalization plays a major role in how often healthcare consumers follow through on their health.

2. Utilize Healthcare Consumer Insights

Just like most industries these days, consumers expect healthcare providers to understand them innately. Psychographics and many other insights can be leveraged using a tool like the PatientBond Insights Accelerator™. Providers can look at healthcare consumer research on patients in real-time, even down to geographic data, that can be used to market to prospective and current healthcare consumers.

3. Optimize Execution with Digital Patient Engagement Tools

The same dashboard that’s used to pull data can also be used to optimize campaigns over time. The PatientBond Insights Accelerator™ allows providers to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to determine sequences that result in effective marketing campaigns and strong health outcomes. Any changes in the formula are noted in the dashboard, allowing the engagement to optimize over time.

Healthcare marketing can be efficient and sophisticated, and thanks to the platform, providers have been able to improve clinical trial recruitment, drive repeat visits and more. 

Interested in using the PatientBond Insights Accelerator™? Contact PatientBond today for more information.

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