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Enhancing Your Find-a-Doc Solution | PatientBond

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Pandemic recovery data shows the continuing impact on patient volumes, and despite widespread vaccine administration, the rebound to pre-pandemic volumes has been slower than many have expected. As a result, hospital leaders are exploring new ways to attract patients and ensure better retention of current patients. One of these promising acquisition and retention strategies may be within your online “Find-a-Doc” solution.

Leveraging Your Find-a-Doc Solution to Increase Patient Acquisition & Loyalty

Finding creative and effective ways of getting your primary and specialty physicians in front of prospective patients can be a major driver for expanding patient volume. If you don’t have a Find-a-Doc feature online, PatientBond can build one for you that incorporates psychographic matching between patients and providers based on shared health views and values. If you do have a Find-a-Doc feature, PatientBond can enhance your current offering with this innovative approach that has delivered patient volume, loyalty and provider satisfaction.

Typically, online Find-a-Doc programs are limited to geographic and specialty searches with the ability for patients to select for physician sex and language(s) spoken. Some Find-a-Doc offerings present short physician bios detailing where they went to school and their interests or hobbies.

While hobbies may help patients choose a provider with shared interests, this doesn't guarantee that the patient and provider will enjoy a "chemistry" based on similar attitudes and approaches to healthcare. This is where psychographic segmentation can help.

Psychographic Segmentation

Psychographics pertain to people's attitudes, values, beliefs and personalities, and are core to their motivations, priorities and communication preferences. Psychographic segmentation groups people according to these shared characteristics for targeting, engagement and now matching patients to providers who tend to see eye-to-eye on approaches to healthcare.

PatientBond has developed a proven healthcare psychographic segmentation model that has been used to help its clients improve patient health outcomes, grow market share and even increase patient financial responsibility payments. Recently, PatientBond has evolved the model to include provider practice preferences to better match patients based on these approaches. Both patients and providers experience enhanced satisfaction and patient volume increases through this innovative offering.

However, building a better mousetrap does not mean the world will beat a path to your door. You need to drive awareness for this offering and capitalize on the Word-of-Mouth that will help drive demand for your services.

Marketing & Awareness

Below are a few of the ways to get your Find-a-Doc solution in front of prospective patients to increase patient volume:

Marketing Campaigns

Many people who are experiencing health issues are just enduring their symptoms and delaying a doctor visit. The only barrier to treatment for several of them is taking the time to research and find a doctor. You can make it easy for these people to find one of your doctors by promoting your Find-a-Doc solution through marketing channels such as email, social media, outdoor signs, collaboration with insurance payers, and several others. And by promoting a Find-a-Doc matching feature that helps patients find providers with shared health views, you’ll see greater interest in using the feature on your website.

Website prominence and usability

Is your Find-a-Doc feature easy to find on your website? If it’s difficult to find, prospective patients may assume you don’t offer it. A simple change may be to make your Find-a-Doc service more visible as part of the main menu, as a feature in the main banner, and as a pop up like a chat box. Working with your web development team or agency, these can be simple changes. Plus, they can share with you the website traffic through these links to help you understand what’s working best to get patients to find and use your Find-a-Doc solution.

Collaborative Resources & Materials

Traditional printed materials such as flyers, brochures and inserts can be used to promote and drive patients to your Find-a-Doc solution. These can be distributed with insurance enrollment materials

And to make your Find-a-Doc solution more appealing to new patients, PatientBond easily adds an algorithm that matches new patients with your providers that share similar healthcare views and values.

When patients are matched with providers in this manner, patient loyalty increases significantly because the patients are treated by providers who think like they do and really “gets them”. In fact, organizations are seeing 70% of new patients coming through the Physician Match system and a 16% increase in encounter value.


Healthcare organizations can optimize their online Find-a-Doc solutions with the PatientBond Patient-Provider Match algorithm with several patient and provider benefits.

  • Patients enjoy a better care experience with a provider with similar health perspectives.
  • Physicians enjoy a cohesive practice experience with patients with similar health perspectives and are more likely to agree with and follow treatment plans.
  • Healthcare Organizations gain increased patient volume, higher satisfaction ratings, and improved outcomes.

Connect with us today to find out how your practice can take advantage of this service.

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