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Creative Marketing Strategies that Attract Healthcare Consumers

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It’s the new year and like any other healthcare organization, you’re ready for a positive year filled with positive growth. No one can definitively tell what will happen with COVID-19 over the new year, but that doesn’t have to stop healthcare providers and insurers from trying new ways to captivate potential consumers.

With how somber the last 2 years have been, there’s no better way to do this than by being creative. Here are just a few ideas that can keep creative juices flowing.


Has your organization lost its luster? A lot of that can be because of branding (or lack of it). A fresh update to your logo and tagline can go a long way toward a more contemporary look and attracting people to your organization. A dated look is easy to forget, but freshening it up can draw interest and remind people to use your services. It’s important not to lose brand equities, or characteristics “owned” by your brand versus the competition, because those associations are critical for standing out in a crowded marketplace. However, emerging from a pandemic can be a good time to communicate a fresh start and nod toward the future.

New Website or App

Brand marketing elements aren’t the only thing in need of being refreshed; understand that a brand is the totality of experience a patient or member has with your organization. This includes all touchpoints, such as interactions with staff, patient education and office environment. Things that always seem to need an update are apps and websites. It doesn’t matter how old either is, but if it’s not intuitive, visually appealing or accessible, it’s likely time for a reboot.

This can be expensive depending on how robust either are and in order to be done well, there needs to be a budget set aside for the project. It will also take a considerable amount of time depending on how expansive the website or app is, but it will be well worth it once it’s complete.

Incorporate Internal Resources for Content

Providers and insurers may think that their content isn’t as exciting as a professional football team’s or an amusement park, but what they do have is health expertise.

Instead of leaving healthcare consumers in the hand of Dr. Google, utilize the doctors, physicians, nurses, health and wellness coaches readily available. This could include a guest blog series on a specific topic, like diabetes management during national diabetes awareness month, or a podcast with featured guests within and outside the organization, like a health coach talking to a local pilates studio on the benefits of Pilates exercise. And a great way to use live video could be an “Ask a Doc” session, where viewers can ask a doctor any health questions they have.

This content is extremely valuable for brand awareness when it comes to organic websites and social media traffic, but also for word-of-mouth awareness.

Create Community Partnerships

In our most recent blog, we talked about how community health will pan out in 2022. A big part of that involves community partnerships, which can be easily created through local events like blood drives, health expos, 5k races and health initiatives or even content like we mentioned in the previous section. These not only build great relationships with other community members, but they also build a positive look for the health system or insurer as a whole.

Reimagine Patient Marketing

Marketing to patients in a more intuitive way can also make a significant difference. That’s why PatientBond utilizes AI and psychographic segmentation to help its customers market to healthcare consumers. Using the PatientBond Insights Accelerator™ and a digital health platform like the PatientBond Digital Health Platform, providers can innately understand the beliefs and values healthcare consumers abide by and can market to those consumers based on those motivators. This approach to healthcare marketing, in turn, encourages people to make positive health decisions that boost their wellbeing while also generating revenue for providers.

Whether you plan to go big or not on attracting healthcare consumers to your organization, a few changes can make a measurable impact to your ROI. Learn more about how psychographics work in our most popular whitepaper.

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