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Psychographics Strengthen Traditional Healthcare Market Research

psychographics makes happy healthcare consumersHealthcare management takes place across multiple channels, from the exam rooms of physician offices, to hospital campuses, inside the boardrooms of insurance companies, at the retail pharmacy counter, to the employers who currently cover most health care in the U.S.

At c2b solutions, we understand how vast and diverse the heath care ecosystem is and that each passing day the business of making people healthier keeps getting more and more complex.

Sure, it’s easy to be wowed by the latest medical technology installed in a hospital’s radiology and imaging department. What we’re offering is something different than sheer tech, but it does peer into a patient’s heart and mind.

c2b solutions provides the necessary tools for successful strategizing, long-range planning and cost efficient execution. These tools are based on deep consumer insights and a proprietary psychographic segmentation model.

Healthcare Market Research, the c2b Way

c2b solutions helps organizations succeed in a dynamic Healthcare Reform environment, leveraging consumer insights and business solutions to achieve superior results in a commodity marketplace.  Ok, so what does this mean? Well, we partner with companies and institutions all across the healthcare landscape to help them build consumer strategies for healthier businesses. You could describe what we provide as healthcare marketing capabilities, but it takes marketing to a level beyond what is typically delivered in the healthcare marketplace.

c2b solutions is busy transforming how education, healthy behaviors and wellness are being delivered in the United States. We are elevating healthcare marketing through decision-making and patient engagement platforms that go deeper by capturing consumers’ motivations, attitudes, lifestyle habits, and healthcare behavior. In essence, it’s about how consumer personalities affect health outcomes. Ambitious, but the timing is right as Healthcare Reform begins to transform the marketplace, consumerism permeates healthcare delivery, and healthcare companies grow in scale and complexity.

Demographic segmentation groups consumers by gender, age, race and other physical characteristics. Think of demographics like the old stethoscope in your doctor’s drawer — it’s a tool that’s a little archaic and may tell what is happening, but not why it is happening.

c2b solutions offers a proprietary psychographic segmentation model to power your marketing. Psychographics have been part of the consumer products branding community for some time, and is a powerful tool for today’s growing healthcare landscape.

Psychographics as a Powerful Consumer Insight and Market Research Tool

Psychographics looks at consumers’ attitudes and motivations, provides healthcare companies and institutions information about what people seek in healthcare delivery and why, and the keys to influencing behavior change.

Marketing based on psychographics is more complete because it augments demographics and behavioral data with insights involving the personalities and unarticulated motivations of patients.

The result is an approach to marketing that provides something akin to medical imaging of a person’s emotional and motivational makeup.

Psychographics provides for marketing strategy and marketing tactics based on at least 6 factors driving consumers’ motivations:

  • values
  • attitudes
  • beliefs
  • emotions
  • interests
  • personalities

Many people can share the same demographic variables, but two people who are the same age, gender, ethnicity and share the same health condition are not motivated by the same thing… nor will the same marketing message resonate the same way.

The c2b Spin on Psychographics

How to Apply Psychographic Segmentation to Healthcare Marketing

The innovation c2b solutions brings to corporate and institutional healthcare leaders lies in applying psychographic segmentation and insights — healthcare wants, wellness needs, and the drivers of consumer behavior — to demographic, socioeconomic or behavioral data. 

Psychographic segmentation provides the context for understanding consumer behaviors measured by medical claims data, shopper data, or traditional market research.

Think of c2b solutions as the middleware that interprets the underlying reasons for consumers’ behavior as measured by a variety of data points at a healthcare provider’s fingertips.

More importantly, think of the benefits such information provides when you and your management teams make long-range decisions regarding resources, services, facilities and staffing — these decisions should be made through a lens of consumerism.

Psychographics is an essential tool so healthcare operators and institutions can forecast accurately about their patient communities both today and tomorrow. Decisions about implementing expanded wellness services or improving patient outreach (e.g., marketing, education, counseling) can be made with effective use of psychographics.

Including psychographics as a part of your healthcare market research helps explain who these consumers are and why they do what they do. Of course, it’s important to note that psychographic segmentation is just one of many services c2b solutions provides.

Psychographic segmentation is the first step toward effective marketing and driving consumer behavior change in healthcare. In later blogs, we’ll provide examples of how psychographic segmentation has been applied in a healthcare setting.

Psychographic Segmentation and its Practical Application in Patient Engagement and Behavior Change


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