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5 Tips to Increase Patient Engagement Through Personalization

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Every aspect of our lives is personalized and it’s about time healthcare caught up. 72 percent of patients are eager for a more personalized approach for their unique conditions, knowing that this type of care will improve their health outcomes. And 92 percent of them find that sharing this data is important to help future patients too.

Most healthcare providers are already moving in this direction or are starting to, but aren’t sure how to go about improving patient engagement through personalization. Being a proven patient engagement solution, here are a few options we recommend.

Tap into Healthcare Consumer Data

For starters, acquire healthcare consumer data to drive your decisions on patient engagement personalization. You can do this through your own patients and healthcare consumers in your area using the PatientBond Insights Accelerator™. It pulls this data and allows the provider to tweak their communications and marketing messaging to appeal to their audience.

One of the most useful and effective aspects of this platform is the focus on psychographic segmentation, a segmenting concept that determines what motivates consumers based on their values, ideals and beliefs. Applying this segment model along with healthcare consumer data allows providers to apply their messaging to all kinds of patients without turning any of them off.

Make AI Your Best Friend

Healthcare is one of the best use-cases for artificial intelligence and providers should use it to their advantage. Allow your digital health platform to keep track of your healthcare consumers’ preferences, habits and response patterns so it can make adjustments over time and customize the experience.

The PatientBond platform allows providers to take data from the PatientBond Insights Accelerator™ and apply it to the platform’s AI capabilities, allowing the system to work for them and enhance the likelihood of patient activation.

Craft a Responsive Care Plan

PatientBond’s technology allows providers to set up complex workflows that can be quickly deployed with no coding required. They adapt to a patient’s care plan so that the platform makes adjustments depending on whether or not they respond to communications or action steps.

Consider Patient-Provider Match

One reason patients might not be engaging with their provider is the fact that they aren’t connecting with their doctor. One way to avoid this issue is a patient-provider match tool. The tool pairs patients with providers that appeal to them based on psychographic characteristics, which leads to better engagement, patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Ask for Feedback on Personalization Efforts

Don’t wait until all other efforts have been exhausted before gathering feedback. Make a habit to survey patients every so often (beyond the standard satisfaction surveys), whether it’s once or twice a year. Healthcare organizations can discover frustrations that they overlooked or learn new initiatives are a hit with patients. These discoveries can lead to new, personalized patient engagement efforts that generate more revenue and expand provider growth.

PatientBond has helped dozens of healthcare providers and insurers personalize communications, and we can help you too. Check out how TriHealth used personalized communication to customize outreach.

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